Screen Play

Screen Play

ScreenPlay is an interactive installation that was created for the second floor waiting area at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto.

A final test the night before launch,

ScreenPlay in the news! (edited a bit for length and continuity)

Technically, It comprises of one hundred pressure sensitive floor sensors arranged in a 10×10 grid and hidden under the carpet and a giant wall projection. Moving on and off of the floor sensors interacts with the projection to create different specialized visualizations on the wall.

What makes it special/unique? Every aspect of the project, from the choice of technology, interaction design, and visual design have been completely designed for the needs of its hospital environment and the diverse physical and mental ability, age, and engagement range of the children (and adults) that will be using it.

The results From focus groups to its official opening in May 2012 to its ongoing use, ScreenPlay has received continuous high praise from families, children, media, and hospital workers.

Flash, Processing, Arduino

Lead Designer & Co-Creator


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